This page is a listing of solar astronomy equipment that is certified by the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project to be 100% safe for solar viewing. These products are used by our volunteers
daily in solar astronomy STEM events and we consider them to both great vaues and the state of the art of the hobby. We strongly encourage solar astronomers to support and use these
company's products as they have also shown that they support expansion of our great hobby through sponsoring the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project.

The Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017 will be viewable to some extent by over 1.2 billion Earthlings. We strongly recommend you follow the links to these prodcts and
get your orders in as early as possible.

We strongly suggest the use of Celestron mounts and tripods for your solar astronomy program. The portability and durability of these products is unmatched in consumer level mounts. From the smallest to the largest setup, Celestron has a mount for you. The Celestron Lithium powertank is a real powerhouse! This very small battery will power all of your astronomy needs and charge your tablet or phone at the same time!
Michael Zeiler's is the most comprehensive and accurate source of eclipse information on the web. Absolutely anything you want to know about the eclipse including, national maps, state maps, eclipse booklets, safe viewing techniques, etc... is contained on this excellent web site. CBSAP strongly supports this great collection of actual science!
Order your state's very durable eclipse map to have with you during the big event!
Meade Instruments line of Coronado Solar Telescopes provide breathtaking views of our Sun in the narrowband light Hydrogen-Alpha. This is an unbelievable view that will blow the minds of those in attendance. There is nothing like seeing the Sun in this fiery red color. The magnetic ferocity of our nearest star cannot be displayed in a more realistic manner than this.
Coronado Solar telescopes are the best there is. Accept no substitute.


Watch the Solar Eclipse in all it's spectral wonder with these fantastically cool diffraction gratings! These will show the Sun's visible light spectrum change during all phases. You can also look at any reflection of the Sun to watch it without even looking up! In our opinion, when sharing views of the Sun and the great hobby of solar astronomy, there is nothing that even comes close to the smiles and "wows" generated by these very inexpensive mylar solar viewing glasses from Rainbow Symphony. There will be other companies out there marketing stuf like this but Rainbow Symphony has been makng these for decades and we at CBSAP use ONLY their glasses to cntinue our 100% record of safety with almost a million pair distributed worldwide. If you are going to get one thing to view the eclipse, this is it. Please go check out Rainbow Symphony's line of solar viewing gear. You will not regret it.
This really cool Skywatcher USA product allows you to place your camera on it and it will track the skies at multiple rates. This is a perfect accessory to get an unattended timelapse of the Solar Eclipse while you enjoy it live with your eyes. This product runs on batteries or a USB power supply and can also be used for a host of other astrophotography needs. We highly recommend it! Skywatcher USA's line of affordable, professional quality ED refractors are the perfect scopes to carry with you on your eclipse adventure for viewing or imaging in either the full visible spectrum or using any number of narrowband attachments or DSLRs. These scopes are great and priced right!
View and purchase all of Celstron's SolarSafe products for a fantastic choice of solar viewing accessories for the budget minded! Daystar's Calcium, Sodium and Camera Quarks are for the top end professional to use to get stunning images of the Solar eclipse in these seldom seen wavelengths. Visit their page for all the infor you will need!