now with high resolution spectroscopy!


The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project is pleased to provide in classroom, interactive lectures via the internet to any interested school anywhere on Earth. This program is sponsored by Lunt Solar Systems and Rainbow Symphony. There is no charge for this service.


Here are the requirements:
1) Your school must be equipped and able to allow two way internet via Skype, Google+ or YouTube. We strongly prefer Google+ because of it's interactivity. If using YouTube, there will be no live interactivity in the video and questions must be submitted via Twitter or Facebook.

2) The preferred language is English, but the program may be translated into Spanish, French, or Arabic. You may also translate it into your language live if you wish.

3) This program is for students aged 8 years and up.

4) Free solar viewing glasses may be sent to you before the lecture on request. You are responsible for any customs or import taxes, we pay for the glasses and shipping. They are not required for the lesson.

5) There will be a 45 minute lecture by a professional astronomer along with live solar telescope images in Hydrogen Akpha, Calcium K and white light just like the above video shows.

6) The solar views are weather dependant and will be broadcast live either from Atlanta in the United State of America or from Home Hill in North Queensland, Australia.

7) Students or Teachers may ask questions throughout the lecture or at the end through your audio equipment (not available through youtube).

8) The lecture will consist of what the Sun is made of, how it works, prominent features and a discussion of the various wavelengths of light emitted by it.

9) You may use our logos, name, and anything recorded during the lecture any way you wish to advertise your school or further education in your community. If using Google+ or Youtube we will make a permanent recording of the lecture on YouTube freely available for your use .